Grow Your Tenner 2016 launches on 18th October

Thank you very much to all the people who, in the past, have been very generous with their donations which raised a considerable amount for VCS funds.

This year let’s see if we can top what we raised last year to boost VCS funds.

Tuesday the 18th October at 10am, is the start the matching one-time donations pound-for-pound up to £10.

For the people that have not seen this before, a onetime donation of £10 is match funded to make a total donation of £20. If you are a UK Tax Payer please tick the Gift Aid Box which will increase the donation by £1.67.

With Gift Aid, a one-time donation of £10 made through during Grow Your Tenner will generate £21.67. After a small processing fee, your £10 single donation with Gift Aid means the VCS would receive £21.54! A £10 donation without Gift Aid means the charity receives £19.16.

To make a Donation please open this link

The match funding finishes on Thursday 18th November at 5pm do not leave it too late to make a donation.